Get qualified meetings at 1/3rd the cost!

Sales funnel: Leads enter at the top, progress through stages, and convert into revenue at the bottom.

Why In-House Sales Teams
Alone Are Not Enough

Cost Crunch

Setting up and managing in-house sales teams can be expensive. Scaling it is even harder. And there is salesrep churn in an ultra-competitive environment.

Scaling Struggle

Scouring through dozens of résumés, shortlisting candidates, vetting their skills, multiple rounds of interviews, onboarding, training, knowledge sharing, monitoring, coaching - all these go into getting one employee up and running! Businesses skip all these steps and jump straight to a productive resource by engaging a partner that can do it all cost effectively.

Flexibility Challenge

Running multiple campaigns, testing out new markets or lead sources, making quick decisions - all become stressful and tedious without the right people; Using service providers who have skilled sales people available for you allows you a higher degree of flexibility.

Stop struggling and start growing
Sales on Demand

With Trexinet you get expert teams, who have delivered
for Private Equity and Venture Capital portfolio companies.
You focus on building the core. We will amp up your revenue funnel.

 Icon of a man wearing a headset, symbolizing on-demand SDR services.

On-Demand SDR Service

Our experienced Sales Development Representatives seamlessly integrate with your team, handling prospecting, qualification, and meeting booking. Let your closers focus on closing!

Icon of a sales funnel symbolizing Marketing/Sales Qualified Leads.

Marketing/Sales Qualified Leads

Boost your conversion rates, shorten your sales cycle, and drive revenue with pre-qualified and ready-to-engage prospects

Sales Development Process icon with gear symbolizing the systematic approach to sales development.

Sales Development Process

Optimize your entire sales development process with our proven strategies and data-driven insights. You can test the efficacy of a campaign or test a new market with our in-depth analysis.

Real Results, Real Impact

Dive deep into success stories and see how we helped businesses like yours grow

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